Five Wacky Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas To Try This Summer

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Fortnite is one of the best-selling games worldwide with over 250 million players battling their way through the exciting Battle Royale, and there’s a good chance your kids are obsessed with this fresh new gaming craze.

Surprise your kid this summer with some of these fun birthday party ideas to help bring the game to life and give your little one an experience they’ll never forget!


1. Mini Battle Royale with Water Guns!

The main game-mode of Fortnite is known as a Battle Royale. Simply, this is a free-for-all battle where each player knocks out the others to be the sole champion! Bring this mechanic to life in your very own back yard with an enthralling mini battle royale.

Swap out the cartoon weapons for water guns, or even get out your kid’s arsenal of Nerf foam guns, and spread them across your back garden, (or a public park if your garden is too small!) and stage your birthday guests around the battlefield to await your command.

On the ready set go, let the kids find your hidden weapons of choice, and if they’re hit by another player, they are out! Spice up the game by adding a more ‘powerful’ weapons during play in the form of loot drops, until the last one standing becomes the Fortnite Champion.

 To take your Battle Royale to the next level, try out some sick costumes and super cool hats that offers. Peppering these around the battlefield will surely bring a new level of excitement to the loot pickups!


2. Loot Drop Goodie Bags!

 Speaking of loot drops… this exciting game mechanic that provides players with cool gizmos and loot in the game can be recreated in real life to give your party an extra wow factor!

To create a dream loot drop, fill a balloon with helium and attach it to a goodie bag with a suitable heavy object to keep it from floating away. Now fill the goodie bag with some cool Fortnite-theme loot to create the best birthday party loot drop.

Our website has some cool items to stick in your bags, including some great Fortnite keychains. Check them out here:

Also, these wacky balloons will give a little extra Fortnite cred to your Loot Drops, including an offer for a comprehensive set of party balloons for only $19.99:

 Once you’ve filled up your loot boxes, it’s time to let them drop! These bags will fall gently off any high place, including a balcony, or staircase. Just make sure an adult is the one to drop to avoid injury and make sure the balloons don’t detach from the bags when you’re outside so there is no litter!


3. Real-life Chug Jugs for your Party!

Nothing compares to the joy of finding your first Chug Jug in Fortnite, and replicating that for your Fortnite party will surely bring a smile to your little one’s face.

It’s simple! Grab some small barrel bottles, either empty Gatorade bottles, or little juice bottles and fill them up with a colorful candy drink. This could be fruit juices, blueberry soda or anything that could fit the bill. Use your imagination!

Print off some “Chug Jug” labels and stick them on the bottles to create the perfect beverage for your kid’s party. Stick the bottles in the refrigerator overnight and bring them out for a fine addition to a hot summer party!

These could be a cool addition to your loot drop goodie bags, or even a cool power up in your battle royale games from the previous two ideas! Mix them up, it’ll be fun!


4. Jazz up your house with these cool decorations!

 Make your pad look the part with some exciting decorations straight from our store. Wish your kid happy birthday with an exciting themed “Happy Birthday” banner!

Or how about decorate your house with some exciting Fortnite balloons. We have a great collection, especially our star party bundle with loads of colorful balloons, a foil “happy birthday” balloon sign, and ready-to-go loot drop goodie bags included! All this, and more, for only $29.99:


5. Fortnite Theme Emote Musical Statues

This last idea is a wacky one, and uses one of the most famous and viral features of the game: emotes!

Emotes are little dances that players of Fortnite and collect and perform in-game. These dances have made their way into modern pop-culture and can form the premise of a cool game of musical statues.

Let your kids pick their favorite Fortnite emotes, including the floss, dab and other dope dance moves, and if they don’t turn into a still statue when the music stops they’re out!

Use some of the other ideas on this list as prizes, including a loot drop to give a little ere of competition to your party game!


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